eGiving – Online Tithing

Financial giving is an act of faith and worship to Jesus Christ.
The Bible makes it clear that every believer in every church should give financially according to 1 Corinthians 16:1–2. The Bible also tells us that we should give regularly and consistently in proportion to what we earn. Therefore, financial giving is a vital part of our spiritual growth and development.
Highland Hills Baptist Church now offers the convenience of online giving for those who wish to use it. It is an option that can save time and help with consistency and faithfulness in giving.

On-line giving is available for one-time, scheduled and recurring gifts. You may give your tithe, offering, and pay for camps/events all on-line.
Your on-line giving history is also available. To get started, simply create a user account if you have not already done so. You may give a one-time gift, schedule a recurring gift or edit a previously scheduled gift. On-line giving is safe and secure. We encourage you to practice good judgment with all credit card use.

You designate when the contribution is to be made from your account.
– Make a one time gift
– Set up an ongoing donation
– View your giving history

This option is 100% secure.
All personal and bank information is submitted using the strongest form of protection to eliminate the possibility of your personal information being compromised or extracted.

Other Ways To Give
You may continue to give through our regular offering during our weekend services or drop your check in the mail anytime during the week.
Offering envelopes are available in the Worship Center in the chair backs for your convenience.

Please contact the Church Office if you have any questions about giving.

You can reach us by email at or by phone (702) 566-0200.